Monday, October 17, 2011

Once In A Lifetime - Ally McBeal Quote

Richard: Ah! What about the kissing issue? Did Billy give you any help?
John: I decided it might be best not to kiss her.
Richard: No, wrong wrong wrong! You have to…
John: I don't want to goo her.
Richard: John… Elaine! Excellent. You probably grew up kissing everybody, right?
Elaine: Actually, no. I was known as a giver in high school. So even on first dates boys go directly to second base. But I am a good kisser.
Richard: Have you ever kissed a guy, you know, with too much saliva?
Elaine: The worst.
Richard: But it's not too, too bad, is it?
Elaine: Oh. No. No. Some girls like the slobber. Anyway, it's easy to fix. 
John: It is?
Elaine: Yes. When kissing becomes really sensual, sometimes you actually suck the other person's tongue. It's kind of like a vacuum effect. You can actually swallow your own saliva, maybe even some of hers, without her noticing. She'll just think it's an incredibly erotic kiss. 
John: You suck on it?
Elaine: Can I show you? You see? You secreted. But I swallowed. No slobber.
John: I need ice.